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Meterstick accepted at ICPE 2023

1 minute read

I’m proud to announce our work ‘‘Meterstick: Benchmarking Performance Variability in Cloud and Self-hosted Minecraft-like Games’’ has been accepted at ICPE 2...

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Including the Git Commit Hash in a Runnable Jar

1 minute read

Because implementing your system and running experiments with it can happen concurrently, it is important to keep track of which version of your code you use...

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Setting up a Nexus Artifact Repository

9 minute read

After struggling with sharing Maven artifacts for longer than I want to admit, I finally set up a dedicated artifact repository for Opencraft.

Moving from GitLab to GitHub

2 minute read

Failing hard drives and general system unavailablity every other week made me migrate more than 30 software repositories to a managed service.

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Teaching Cloud Computing at

less than 1 minute read

This week I had a lot of fun teaching the basics of cloud computing at, a start-up company that offers computer-science bootcamps to refugees...

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